Village of Unadilla Blog

This page is set up to let residents know about whats going on in and around the village. It will be updated often with activities and events happening around the area. If you have something you would like to add to the blog, call or email the office and we will add it to the page.

October 2019


Its been a very busy year in the Village. We were able to get our paving done early this year giving us extra time to do a number of sidewalks throughout the village. We had our water tower drained cleaned and new anode rods installed and inspected. Work has been done on the community house removing the bushes in the front and replacing the railings and screening on the bottom of the porch. The village and the town are working on a new CDBG grant to help low and medium income home owners improve there properties. Watch to see if we get this grant the end of December. We have also successfully transferred our summer rec program to the school . This has allowed us to greatly simplify the program and we were able to supply scholarships to all the children who attended . Thank you to the town of Unadilla, Town of Otego, village of Otego, and the school for all the help in making this a success. The Mayor has been meeting with mayors and town leaders from the tri-town area monthly to address issues and concerns that effect the area. We are currently working on trying to improve communications to residents on important meetings and events going on in our region. The village board is currently looking at ways we might be able to better control the growing number of zombie homes in the village. Watch for more info in the coming month. If you have any questions on anything mentioned here please let us know at 369-3421