Jason Cotten

Jason was recently elected Mayor in the March 2022 Election on the Republican Campaign.

Recent News

April 2017 The end of winter is finally here? It was a fun winter with a few hic-cups like the 70 degree days in February and the 35" of snow in March. We have survived it. It is great to see everyone out walking and doing yard work instead of shoveling snow. We now have our administrator for the Grant we received in December and will be seeking applications in May. We will be approving our Budget at the April board meeting. The Village is meeting all the requirements that the state reviewed with us a couple of years ago. This year we were able to reduce our use of the fund balance to balance the budget while increasing our capital reserves to a reasonable level.

December 2016 The end of the year is coming quickly. Everyone has there Christmas lights up and the new snowflakes are up and looking really nice. Thanks to our Chamber of Commerce for there support and dedication in replacing the old ones. We have received some good news in the last couple of months. The Library received a $38,000 grant to upgrade windows, lighting, shelving, flooring, and lighting. This should get started in January with as little disruption to the library being open as possible. The Village was also notified that we received another Housing Rehab grant for $375,000 this should be enough to update another 15 homes in the village. The Planning board is working hard on updating some of our zoning code which is starting to show its 20+ years since its last major update. We are also looking at a number of our policies watch for updates. Please watch your speed on Main Street and keep an extra eye out for pedestrians near the road. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

September 2016 Well here it is September already, Kids going back to school and the weather finally getting a little cooler. The village has had a busy summer working on projects and dealing with the unexpected things that come up. A few weeks ago we had some flash flooding issues in the Railroad ave and Siver street areas. This flooding caused a number of ditches to clog up with debris. We have been opening these up to minimize any future issues. But this put us behind on the Depot street drainage and repaving project which will have to be delayed till next spring. We had a number of great well attended events this year starting with Flag Day and the Veterans Memorial dedication, the Carnival of Sales and the summer concert series were all successful. Don't forget to attend the Autumn Festival coming in a couple of weeks. Be safe over the labor day weekend and enjoy the great fall weather ahead,

March 2016 We have just finished the warmest and lowest snowfall winter that most people can remember, not that anyone is complaining. Because of this the board was able to pass our 16/17 budget with 0% increase in property taxes or water rates. This is because we saved on heating oil and fuel costs along with reduced costs for plowing and overtime. We have just made the news and papers because of our tie election results for a trustee position. This was resolved by Chris Winkler conceding the election tie to Jeff Jones. Chris has done a very good job on the board for the last 2 years and I hope he continues to stay active in the village and the fire department. Congratulations to our new trustee Paul Baldwin we will welcome him at our April meeting.

December 2015 We have just finished a month of unusually warm temperatures and nice weather. This has been great for the budget as heating and plowing costs are coming in below budget. It also allowed us to work on projects we would have held off till spring. The new upgraded Christmas snow flakes were put up and look good. More will be purchased this year. They are LED and use less than 25% of the power the old ones use.

Sept 2015.. We have finished our CHIPS paving for this year on Clifton and Nobel streets. We will be doing some more spot paving on various streets in the coming weeks. The village crew is working on sidewalk replacements at various locations. Progress is being made on the reconstruction grant the village received. 9 residents have applied and have been going through the process to get approved. 2 of the residents have completed the process and their projects approved they will be starting this fall.