About the Board

The Planning Board is very important to our village. It is comprised of 5 residents appointed by the Mayor to constantly review and plan the village's future. As part of their duties the board is responsible for preparing or changing the comprehensive plan, site plan reviews, sign permit reviews, review and comment on any zoning chapter amendments, and makes recommendations to the zoning and village boards as requested.

Planning Board


Recent News

The Planning board has been working on updating the comprehensive plan and has prepaired final edits for presentation to the Village Board for approval. The boards next challenge is to review the district zoning laws for updates or changes

Minutes from the last meeting are available below.

Planning Minutes

Next Meeting

There will not be a Planning Board meeting this month (May 2022). The Board is looking for a chairperson, any interest please contact the Village office and information will be forwarded accordingly.


Barbara Armour (chairman)
Terry Yoder
Marian Wilson
Barbara Lennon

The planning board usually meets once a month on the third Thursday and on occasion at other times for planning reviews.