128-2 All Garbage and recyclables are the responsibility of the homeowner
128-3 Disposal of major appliances- The disposal of white goods, mattresses, tires, household goods,
and household toxins will be the responsibility of the homeowner or business.
128-4 The Village of Unadilla provides yard waste collection during specified periods which will be
determined each year and published in the official newspaper of the village. This weekly
collection is intended to take away small branch and bush trimmings, fallen dead branches, and
seasonal grass and leaves. It is not a way for homeowners to dispose of trees and large amounts
of brush and debris cut on your property.
During these specified periods, items to be picked up must be placed between the sidewalk and
the curb and be placed out as early as possible on pickup day. At no time may the sidewalk be
made impassable or any item placed in the street.
The following will be acceptable and must be handled as follows. If these rules are not followed
the yard waste will not be picked up:
A) Brush
Brush must be piled neatly with all cut ends facing the same direction. No brush over 3” in
diameter will be accepted. Brush will be limited to one pile 6ft x 6ft x 6ft per week. Smaller brush
and twigs must be bundled or in containers and piled separately. Any trees or brush that are removed by a
professional contractor hired by the homeowner is the responsibility of the homeowner and or hired contractor and the Village will not pick it up, including trees over 3" in diameter.
B) Leaves, Grass, and Weeds
Clippings and leaves must be in bags or containers which can be picked up to load on a truck,
maximum weight for any of these items is 40 pounds. No bags containing garbage or trash willbe picked up. The village is composting this waste: therefore it is important that no garbage or
trash be mixed in. Large weeds and stalks must be bundled, bagged or in containers in a
separate pile.
C) Large Volume of Brush, branches, and other green waste
The village has contracted with WRE at the corner of Rt 7/8 Valleyview Road to take larger
volumes of green waste. The village will allow each address a maximum of __6__ cubic yards of
waste to be taken to WRE transfer station free of charge each year. This is approximately two
standard pick-up truck loads. Each additional cubic yard will be charged at $_15_ per yard to be
paid at the time of drop off. You must pick up a Brush sticker at the village office before you can
drop off any brush. Please bring a tax bill as proof of ownership and residency.