The Veterans committee was formed in February 2015 with a goal of building a memorial honoring veterans who served their country from the Unadilla area. After reviewing many options a decision was made to build a monument on the community house property. A fund raising effort was launched to raise the expected $10,000 cost. A grant was received from the community foundation to get things started and in mid December a letter drive was started. Plans call for a June 14th dedication. The memorial will have a monument and a patio with the availability of purchasing engraved bricks with the Vets information.

Unadilla Veterans Memorial Committee 
Since the 1800’s men and women from the Unadilla area have been dedicating themselves to  serve our country in the armed forces. Some have fought and died to protect what we all hold dear, our life and liberty. This dedication and sacrifice deserves to be recognized and honored. Earlier this year a small group of area residents started meeting with the goal of erecting a memorial honoring all those that served our country in the military. The group met with a local blue stone quarry,American Bluestone NY, about materials, a local monument engraver about carving, and the village about a location. They reviewed and visited other memorials around the area and came up with a basic designand developed a budget to completethe memorial. Many locations were scouted in the village and after consideration it was decided to locate the memorial in front of the Community house on Main Street.

The stone portion of the Memorial is planned to be approximately 8’ tall, the base stone is 8’x 1’ and will have inset brass insignia of the 5 services Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The main tablet on the memorial will be engraved with a statement honoring all veterans that have served from the Unadilla area. A flag polewill be erected behind the memorial. The plan also calls for a brick patio in front that will have alternating red cobbles and blue stone bricks. The blue stone bricks will be available to purchase and engrave with a veterans name in the near future. When complete the patio will also be flanked by 2 bluestone benches.

The total cost of this memorial is estimated to be $10,000 dollars. The group applied for and was recently awarded a grant from the Unadilla Community Foundation to help with fund raising and site preparation. We are expecting to start work preparing the site this fall and have a goal of setting the stones in May with a dedication on Flag Day 2016. This is a very aggressive 
schedule but with your help we can meet our goal to honor our veterans. Please send your tax deductible donation to:Unadilla Veterans Memorial c/o Village of Unadilla, 193 Main Street, P.O.Box 386 Unadilla NY 13849.
Thank you so much for your support and we’ll see you at the dedication in 2016.

Original Concept



Memorial Update

The committee has been busy. We have ordered the main Blue-stone blocks from American Bluestone. We have chosen the printing for the main stone and have receive a commitment from the american legion to purchase the service plaques. The brick sales have started and we home to take an order up soon. You can get an application at Reds Barber Shop or the village office. They are $100. We are on schedule for a June 14th dedication

Construction Begins

3600 lbs of cut Bluestone put in place

Brick Laying Begins

Final Assembly

Phase 1 Complete for Dedication





Added 30 + new Bricks in September 2016. We have room for 22 additional bricks and will be expanding the patio to add an additional 20 bricks and 2 blue stone benches in the Spring of 2017

Spring 2019 Final work has been completed on the memorial. A concrete pad was installed under the bricks and final grading and grass planting is complete. We have received a lot of support from the community and have filled in many more bricks with over 130 in place currently.